• TO POPULARISE astronomy, physics, space science and allied subjects among students and common people.
  • TO CO-ORDINATE activities intended for increasing interest in astronomy, physics and other related subjects for people and to encourage and participate in similar activities.
  • TO ENCOURAGE and promote the creative interaction and information exchange among individual amateur astronomers and groups.
  • TO PUBLISH and popularize articles, books, leaflets, news letters, audio visual aids etc. to use in science popularization and its enhancement.
  • TO UNITE people related to science and astronomy like science populators, students, teachers and researchers and to provide them common platform for their combined discussions and other activities.
  • TO PERFORM and encourage investigative and research activities in science and allied fields and to provide career guidance from experts for such studies.
  • TO FUNCTION in collaboration with scientific institutions, Observatories, Planetaria, organizations etc. and to conduct interactions, visits, joint ventures thereto for students and public.
  • TO ASSIST members in fulfillment of their educational, cultural and entertaining missions and activities aiming popularization of science and astronomy that support such missions.
  • TO ESTABLISH equality and fraternity among the members and to stand for their academic, cultural, social and economic progress.

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