List of Selected Cantidates for the Course: Exoplanets & Search for Habitable Worlds


Congratulations!! You are selected for the short course titled : Exoplanets & Search for Habitable Worlds. 

We are happy to see the huge response for the course. The course will cover about exoplanets and their detection in detail. There will be a continous evalution of the course in form of small assignments. On successful completion of the course with at-least 80 percent of attendance and qualifying the assessments test, certificates will be given  on behalf of AASTRO KERALA. 

IMPORTANT: For completion of registration, Rs. 1000 is to be remitted by each candidate on or before 27-11-20.

Participants of the previous course titled "Introductory Course in Astrophysics and Cosmology" conducted by AASTRO KERALA and Kerala state science and technology museum is to pay Rs. 500.

The course will begin on December 5th, 2020. Time and meeting link will be provided. 

Pdf link of selected participants

Click here for completion of registration

Payment link

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