The curious case of Astronomy, live Q&A | Session 2

Like the waves formed in a pond by a small stone, Massive objects create ripples in space time. We are immersed in these ripples, unimaginably small, waiting to be unveiled.. Studying gravitational waves has opened a new window to several exotic objects in the universe.

Universe is also filled with the remnant radiation of Big bang. The Cosmic Microwave Background radiation helps us to learn a lot about the origin and structure of the universe. Aren't they amazing?

Are you teeming with questions about these?
Dr. Sanjit Mitra, Scientist, IUCAA, Pune is joining us on 'The curious case of Astronomy, live Q&A' on 21st August  at 7pm in AASTRO KERALA YouTube channel. 
Set reminder and stay tuned.
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