Where to Park In Space?

Monthly Lecture February 2019

Title: Where to Park In Space?

Speaker: Rithwik Neelakantan, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology
Venue : Kerala Science and Technology Museum
Date: February 2, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 5.30pm

Abstract: Lagrangian points are interesting positions in space where a small mass can orbit in a constant pattern with two larger masses. Lagrangian points in the Earth-Moon and Sun-Earth systems are stable parking lots for telescopes and spacecrafts, and can serve as potential ‘metro stations’ on the humankind's future quest for space colonization. In this talk, a brief overview of the dynamics of Lagrangian points will be presented, starting from Kepler’s laws. Some interesting properties of Lagrangian points will be addressed with elementary mathematics. Space missions to Lagrangian points will also be covered, emphasizing on their formulation and scientific goals.

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