A Journey into the Geology of the Red Planet Mars | Monthly lecture Jan-2019


5th January, 2019, 5.30pm
Kerala State Science and Technology Museum, PMG

Title: A Journey into the Geology of the Red Planet Mars

Speaker: Dr. Rajesh V J, Geologist, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology.

Mars is the second most studied extra
-terrestrial body of our solar system. This red planet is home to many interesting geological features varying from the largest volcano to the deepest valley in the solar system.  Planetary scientists working on the Martian endogenic and exogenic processes focus mainly on the aqueous past of Mars. The existence of land forms such as fluvial channels, gullies, deltaic deposits and hydrous minerals suggest that liquid water might have flowed on Martian surface. This specific aspect can offer light on habitable environments and vital evidences for past life (if any) on Mars. My talk will focus on various geological processes that molded the red planet Mars. I will also discuss how rocks and minerals of our earth can be used for planetary exploration with demonstration of few planetary analogue samples collected from various terrains of South India.

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