Introductory Course in Astrophysics and Cosmology

We live in an era where it is possible to scientifically address many grand questions like, where the universe came from? Will it ever end? What is  the universe is made of?  How was the origin of life?  But to embark on a journey in search of answers, we need an understanding of the basic foundations of Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Through this course, we will learn about the physics behind the universe, including the laws that govern the motion of planets, an understanding of origin and evolution of stars, and more.

This course is designed for people who would like to get a deeper understanding of astronomy. A reasonable graduate level background in mathematics and physics will be required to get the most out of this programme. (We will also get a chance to explore Priyadarshini planetarium, which happens to be the venue of classes, at a whole new level.)

(i) Students who have a minimum qualification of Graduation in Science or Engineering, OR is currently in 2nd year incase of BSc or 3rd year in case of B.Tech can apply.
(ii) Please fill in your details carefully. *(You may require about 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THE FORM)
(iii) The course is scheduled to be on every Sunday, from August to October.
(iii) A successful submission of this form is NOT necessarily a confirmation of your registration.
(iv) For feasibility of conduction, there should be a limit to the number of candidates admitted. Hence a maximum of 30 students only will be selected.
(v) Once/if your registration is confirmed, we will get back to you with the intimation of the same and the details of the programme.
(vi) IMPORTANT: A registration fee of Rs. 500 is to be remitted by each candidate at the venue on the first day of the programme. Then only the registration will become valid.
(vii) On successful completion of the course with at-least 80 percent of attendance and qualifying the assessments test, certificates on behalf of AASTRO KERALA and KERALA STATE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM.


Syllabus outline of the short course: Introduction to astrophysics and cosmology

Introduction to the Night Sky, Trigonometric Parallax method for estimating distances to nearby stars. Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion with derivation for elliptical orbits.

Estimating the mass of stars in binary systems, Stars as Black Bodies - introduction to electromagnetic spectrum, basic of black body physics, Planck function, Wein's displacement law, some basic derivations.

Understanding Stellar Spectrum - Formation of spectral absorption lines, Boltzmann equation, Saha Equation, spectral classification of stars Hertzsprung Russell Diagram
Basic Structure of a Star, Stellar Evolution.

Death of Stars (Planetary Nebulae, White Dwarfs, Supernovae, Neutron Stars, and Black Holes) Milky Way Galaxy, its main components and their distribution, Sun’s location in the Galaxy, kinematics of stars, the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Galaxy

Galaxy morphologies, the kinematics of spirals and elliptical galaxies, rotation curves and the evidence for dark matter. Galaxy groups and cluster, dynamical mass of galaxy clusters and the evidence for dark matter, galaxy surveys and the large scale structure of the universe.

Hubble’s observations and the expansion of the universe, cosmological redshift, Hubble parameter, basic idea of a metric and scale factor, Friedmann equation

Curvature of space, critical density, open, closed and flat universe, cosmological parameters, Type Ia supernova observations and the evidence for dark energy, cosmic microwave background radiation - its origin, its discovery and its relevance. 

Going Interstellar: Next Starship | Monthly lecture

It's a pleasure to invite you to our monthly lecture of July 2018, which will be conducted on 5th July, Thursday, 5.30pm at Science and Technology Museum, PMG, Thiruvananthapuram. 
This month the talk is titled " Going Interstellar: Next Starship" and will be delivered by Mr. Vivek M Mohan  .
You're most welcome with your friends, colleagues or . It's open to ALL! 

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