Road to Star-dom: How to plan for a career in Astrophysics

Amateur Astronomers Organisation (AASTRO) Kerala is organising a career counselling seminar elaborating the career opportunities in Astronomy & Astrophysics titled “Road to Star-dom: How to plan for a career in Astrophysics”. The event will be held on 24th June, 2018 Sunday at 2.30pm  Kerala State Science & technology Museum at PMG Junction, Trivandrum. Dr. Anand Narayanan, from Department of Earth & Space Science, IIST will lead the session. 

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Preferred audience are graduate and post graduate students in science and engineering field.

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Measuring the Cosmos | Monthly Lecture

Monthly lecture of June 2018

Topic: Measuring the Cosmos
Speaker: Sri. Krishna Warrier D
Date : 07-June-2018
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Kerala State Science and Technology museum & Priyadarsini Planetarium, PMG, Tvpm

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