Dec 2: Mars Western Quadrature

Dec 4: Mercury Inferior Conjunction

Dec 6: Jupiter within 5 degrees of the Moon

Dec 10: Full Moon

Dec 10: A total lunar eclipse will take place on December 10, 2011. It will be visible from all of Asia and Australia, seen as rising over Eastern Europe, and setting over northwest North America. In the Philippines, the lunar eclipse is seen visible just after sunset.

Dec 13/14: The Geminids will peak and will likewise be completely obscured by an almost-full Moon in Gemini.

Dec 18: Last Quarter Moon

Dec 20: A Crescent Moon is just within 2.5 degrees from Spica

Dec 23: See the Crescent Moon (just 4% illuminated) just 3 degrees from Mercury, very low in the east at the time of dawn.

Dec 23: Uranus Eastern Quadrature

Dec 23: Mercury Greatest Elongation


Dec 24: New Moon

Dec 27: A 3 days old Crescent Moon within 6.5 degrees from Venus in the western sky shortly after sunset

Dec 29: Pluto Conjunction

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