MERCURY: Is very low in the Western evening sky at the month’s beginning. Mercury will pass through The Beehive Cluster (M44) on 6th July, at 11:15 UST. Mercury is at Greatest Eastern Elongation on 20th July. During maximum elongation the planet will be 26 degrees 48’ and 44” from the Sun.

SATURN: Is in Virgo and is at Eastern Quadrature on 3rd July. Saturn starts the month being nearly half degree away from Porrima. It will keep moving far from the star and will be more than 2 degrees from the star in the end of July.

NEPTUNE: Is in Aquarius and shines at magnitude 7.85. The planet will remain 0.5 degree from the 5.4th magnitude star 38 Aquarii this month.

URANUS: Is in Pisces and shines at magnitude 5.8 showing its 3.5” wide disc.

JUPITER: Rises at around 2pm at the month’s beginning. Jupiter’s visual magnitude varies from -2.24 to -2.42 during the month.  Jupiter is just 4.5 degrees away from the Waning Crescent Moon on 24th July.

MARS: Can be observed low in the Eastern sky just before the beginning of morning twilight. The red planet shines at magnitude 1.38 during the month. Use binoculars to see Mars as a bright red dot near the rich star field of The Hyades Cluster.

VENUS: Is getting low in the Eastern Morning sky and becomes unobservable this whole month. Venus is at Superior Conjunction on 16th August.

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