July 1: A partial solar eclipse will occur. This is the first solar eclipse of Saros cycle 156, only visible as a partial solar eclipse over a small area off the coast of Antarctica. At greatest eclipse, the magnitude will be just 0.097.

July 1: New Moon

July 3: Saturn Eastern Quadrature

July 8: First Quarter Moon

July 8: The First Quarter Moon within 5 degrees of Spica

July 15: Full Moon

July 20: Mercury Greatest Eastern Elongation

July 23: Last Quarter Moon

July 24: A Waning Crescent Moon just 4.5 degrees of Jupiter in the Eastern Pre-dawn sky.

July 26: A Waning Crescent Moon within 5 degrees of Pleiades in the Eastern Pre-dawn sky.

July 26: Mercury and Regulus are just 2 deg 49’ apart low in the West just after sunset.

July 28: A Waning Crescent Moon (9% illuminated) is nearly 4.5 degrees of Mars in the East just before dawn.

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