June 1-2: Partial Solar Eclipse for far northern latitudes northeast Asia, the partial eclipse of the sun will be visible from northern Siberia, northern Alaska, northern and eastern Canada,Greenland, Iceland, and northern Scandinavia.

June 2: New Moon

June 7: A Waxing Crescent Moon within 6.5 degrees of Regulus

June 9: First Quarter Moon

June 9: Saturn is just 15’24” of Porrima

June 11: The Moon 3 degrees of Spica

June 13: Mercury Superior Conjunction

June 14: The Moon occults Rho Ophiuchi. The event starts at 9:18pm and ends at 10:00pm.

June 15-16: Total Lunar Eclipse. Penumbra at 17:23 U.T., Totality at 20:12 U.T. and ends at 23:02 U.T. For local (India), the timings are, Penumbra at 10:57pm (15 June), Umbra at 11:55pm and Totality at 1:42am (16 June). For locals, this eclipse will end at 4:30am.

[caption id="attachment_1078" align="aligncenter" width="542" caption="Sketch of the June 15 lunar eclipse."][/caption]

June 21: Summer Solstice

June 23: Last Quarter Moon

June 26: Uranus Western Quadrature

June 26: Jupiter and a Waning Crescent Moon are just 5.5 degrees apart in the East before dawn

June 28: A Waning Crescent Moon (12% illuminated) within 4.5 degrees of Pleiades in the East just before dawn

June 29: A Waning Crescent Moon (6% illuminated) within 3.5 degrees of Mars in the East and very low before dawn

June 30: Watch the Waning Crescent Moon (2% illuminated) just within 3 degrees of Venus very low in the East at the time of dawn


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