AASTRO had its annual celebrations at Wayanad

Amateur Astronomers Organisation of Kerala,which is the largest astronomy popularization network of its kind in the state completed an year of existence and proudly commemorated the occasion with AASTRO Wayanad fraction.

AASTRO Wayanad chapter organised a whole day event on Saturday,5th March at W.M.O Arts & Science College,Muttil. A one day workshop on Astronomy was inaugurated by Prof.K.Pappootty,AASTRO President. Many other distinguished guests and resource persons were present.The programme was jointly organised by the Department of Physics and AASTRO Wayanad Chapter.The college is completing its 15th year of existence too.

The workshop had lectures on various topics ,presentations, introduction to astronomy softwares  and a star watching session.


On a talk arranged for students,Shri.Vaishakhan Thampi presented the topic 'The ultimate attraction' in which he detailed gravity,Galieo and Kepler's rudimentary ideas, how newton utilized it effectivly, triumphs of newton's formulation, how relativity challenged newtonian ideas, how general theory of relativity solved the problem and so.

He mentioned about recent developments like quantum gravity and grand unification theory too.

After noon sessions included a Talk on 'Old concepts of the universe' by Shri. K. P. Aliyas and a class on sky mapping by Shri. Gopakumar.Discussion on familiarizing astronomy softwares were also there.The programme concluded with a sky watching session.

AASTRO wayanad secretary Shri.Tomy M M presented the previous year's activty report in the inaugural function.Wayanad Chapter is one of the most active district fractions of AASTRO.They had regular monthly gatherings, study classes on subjects like history of astronomy, solar system, particle physics, sky mapping etc so far.The members conduct astronomy classes, sky mapping programmes wherever they are invited.

The Department of physics in WMO College was established along with the inception of the college in 1995 offering graduate programme. In 2002 it was upgraded as a post graduate department . Now they are pioneering successfully with many of their off springs getting migrated to several National institutes and Research laboratories.Principal,Head of the Department and other college authorities will take part in the function.

The outstanding participation and co operation of students,public and academic-non academic community experienced in our programmes and outreach events has led AASTRO to new heights of confidence and we will continue our activities throughout the state with more force and structure.We thank all those participated and encouraged us to achieve the fame and name we have now.2011 promises to be an exciting year with our club making more AASTRO clubs in schools and colleges as well as activating more district fractions.


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