Create your own star map

Many people ask where can they get a starmap to observe and locate objects in the sky. Some  newspapers and magazines publish starmaps which are supposed to be used on a particular day at a particular point of time. As the celestial objects change their position in the sky as time elapses, we have to assume (or predict) their positions at other points of time. Beginners often find it difficult to imagine this shift in position on the celestial sphere. Here we give the link to a website which creates you the starmap of any time of any day observed from any place on earth.

Your Sky is a website which provides you option to create a starmap at the time of your convenience. Just click HERE to go there. You will see a field where you can enter the latitude-longitude of your place. When you click 'make sky map', you will be directed to a page where you will see a skymap and and options to change your preferences. You can specify your time and date of convenience, the objects you want to be displayed in your sky map, the size and colour mode of the map and you will also get the corresponding ephemeris. Just take a print-out and enjoy the sky

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