Mercury in Conjunction with the Moon

On 12th February 2010, just before sunrise, you will see something
fantastic at the eastern horizon. You will see Mercury very close to the
Moon. They will be in Conjunction.Conjunction is a term normally used in positional astronomy.It means that as seen from same place,say earth, two celestial bodies appear near one another in the sky.The event also known as appulse.Mercury is the 1st planet from the Sun and not so easy object to detect with the naked eyes since most of the time it hides itself in the twilight. On 12th the Moon phase is very close to the New Moon, so only a very thin crescent of the Moon will be visible.

[caption id="attachment_368" align="aligncenter" width="554" caption="Moon - Mercury Conjunction"][/caption]

As viewed from a particular place on the Earth, when two objects in the
sky appear very close to each other, then they are said to be in
conjunction with each other. Planetary conjunctions look very beautiful
when they are visible by naked eyes. Sometimes paths of two objects in
the sky can cross each other and they tend to appear at the same
location in the sky this is the special case of conjunction which is
called Occultation where eventually one object hides the other. Another
special case of Conjunction is Transition it happens when a smaller
object appears to pass over the bigger size object.


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