Session on Extra planetary objects in solar system

The monthly session of AASTRO Thiruvananthapuram was conducted on 5th January at its usual venue and time. This time it was a talk lead by Dr. Ajith Prasad from M G College on 'Extraplanetary objects in the solar system'. Usually the word 'solar system' brings to our mind the sun and the eight planets around it. We often forget the other members of sun's family such as dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, jupiter trojans, oort clouds etc.

[caption id="attachment_1285" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="AASTRO 2012 Feb Public Lecture"][/caption]

Dr. Ajith Prasad gave a brief outline of such objects. There followed a discusion on the topic where teachers, students and other interested people in the subject participated. After the session, there was a short observation session on the mercy of the available sky.