Solar Eclipse Conference 2011 December 15 th – 17 th , 2011 at New Delhi, India.

SPACE would like to invite you to Solar Eclipse Conference 2011 to be held in New Delhi, India from December 15th to 17th. This is the first time in the history of the conference that it is being organised in Asia Pacific region.

SEC India aims to set a new benchmark in the eclipse chasing world, for its features, agenda, and organisation and for bringing the eclipse community closer to masses.

• This edition of the conference also tries to bring the professional and the amateur community together and strives to bring the Youth/ the Young minds closer to this community for long term learning and sharing.

• It aims to bring the possibility of linking and tie-up with Government Agencies, Tourism Boards, and Network of Amateur Astronomer’s Organisations, Institutions and Universities in India; for the international eclipse chasing community.

The agenda of the conference is spread over three intensive days that will cover Travel, Education, Research, Science, Culture, Mythologies, Public Outreach, Pro-Am linking and Student learning possibilities.

This is a call for all Eclipse Chasers, Astronomers and Educators from Planetariums, School Students, representatives from the Astronomical Associations and Societies worldwide, Educationists and Teachers from the schools associated with space, Undergraduate Students, Enthusiast Eclipse Chasers, Travel Organizers, Scientific Officers of all the Embassies in India and officers from the Government Science and Technology Departments in India to participate in the Conference.


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