SATURN: The ringed world is getting closer to Porrima (Gamma Virginis) this month. The planet will be closest (just 15’ 24”) from Porrima on June 9th.

NEPTUNE: Shines at magnitude 8 in the constellation Aquarius. Neptune turns retrograde from June 3rd.

URANUS: Uranus in Pisces shines at magnitude 5.87. Uranus is at Western Quadrature on June 26th.

JUPITER: Will rise around 3:40am during the month’s beginning. The planet will climb up well in the eastern pre-dawn sky for observers. Jupiter will be 5.5 degrees of the Crescent Moon on June 26th.

MARS: Will remain low in the eastern pre-dawn sky. Mars will be paired with Pleiades, being within 5 degrees, during 16th to 22nd June. Mars is within just 3.5 degrees of a Crescent Moon on June 29th.

VENUS: Is the brightest star of dawn this month. From June 6th to 10th, it will be paired with Pleiades very low in the East. On June 30th Venus will be within 3 degrees of a Waning Crescent Moon very low in the east near the horizon just before dawn.

MERCURY: Is at superior conjunction on 13th.

v s / AASTRO

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