AASTRO outreach flavoured kid's vacation camp @ Thiruvananthapuram

Around 90 kids were there with us when they enjoyed combining patches of clear night sky with patterns from the Stellarium software at Thiruvananthapuram last week.Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan organised a vacation camp for students called Maampazhakkaalam 2011' .Last Thursday night,AASTRO people took them for a session exploring wonders of the night sky and digest a little astronomy.At the Planetarium open air theatre,Pappootty mash introduced basic astronomy to kids.Concepts of raashi, janmanaal etc were explained.Students were curious about all those and the excitement summited when they had a session on Stellarium.Shri.Vaisakhan Thampi and Shri.Kiran Mohan made a presentation comparing the available clear night sky with Stellarium.

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