Want to build your own telescope? Attend this session..

AASTRO Thiruvananthapuram will have its next monthly public lecture session on 2nd June 2011, 5.30 pm at Kerala State Science and Technology Museum and Planetarium, PMG, Thiruvananthapuram. The session will be handled by Mr K P Prabhakaran, who is an expert in home-made telescopes. He will present a demonstration and sky watching session with the aid of his own telescope. There is a common belief that a good quality telescope is a highly expensive one and not everyone can access it. Mr. Prabhakaran wish to convey the point that a good telescope is reachable to anyone without much expense.

Any interested person is welcome to the session. For details, feel free to call +91 9846608238

AASTRO May Session On Stellarium



The monthly public lecture session of May 2011 was held on 5th May, 5.30 pm at our usual venue of Priyadarshini Planetarium, PMG, Thiruvananthapuram. This time it was a presentation and demonstration on how to utilize Stellarium software for an effective sky watching. The session was handled by Mr.Vaisakhan Thampi and he pointed out  the key features of the software and the ways in which they can be utilized effectively. Students, teachers and other interested public were present.

Stellarium is an open source software, which can be downloaded installed, modified and redistributed by anyone. It renders a realistic sky visible from any part of the world at any instant of time, showing more than 600000 stars, respective constellation lines in 12 different cultures, their labels and even constellation art. It incorporates planets and their satellites with a very good zoom capacity. One can download Stellarium from here and its absolutely free !!

Vaishakhan Thampi/ AASTRO

Astronomy Events for May 2011

May 2: Jupiter and Mars just half degree apart, low in the East at the time of dawn

May 3: New Moon

May 7: Mercury and Venus just 1.5 degrees apart, low in the East at the time of dawn

May 7: Mercury Greatest Western Elongation

May 10: Jupiter, Venus and Mercury form a perfect triangle in the East at the time of dawn.

May 11: Jupiter and Venus within a degree apart in the East at the time of dawn.

May 11: A First Quarter Moon is just 5.5 degrees from Regulus

May 14: High in the South-East at the time of Dusk is the pair of Saturn and Porrima close to the Waxing Gibbous Moon making a nice view!

May 15: See the pattern formed by Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars in the Early Morning Eastern Sky. The Moon is nearly 6 degrees from Spica

May 17: Full Moon

May 21: Mars, Venus and Mercury form a perfect triangle in the East at Dawn!

May 22: Neptune Western Quadrature

May 23: Venus and Mars just 1 degree apart!

May 25: Last Quarter Moon

May 29: A Waning Crescent Moon is just nearly 7 degrees from Jupiter before dawn.

May 31: A Waning Crescent Moon (just 3% illuminated) is just 4 degrees from Venus.

AASTRO outreach flavoured kid's vacation camp @ Thiruvananthapuram

Around 90 kids were there with us when they enjoyed combining patches of clear night sky with patterns from the Stellarium software at Thiruvananthapuram last week.Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan organised a vacation camp for students called Maampazhakkaalam 2011' .Last Thursday night,AASTRO people took them for a session exploring wonders of the night sky and digest a little astronomy.At the Planetarium open air theatre,Pappootty mash introduced basic astronomy to kids.Concepts of raashi, janmanaal etc were explained.Students were curious about all those and the excitement summited when they had a session on Stellarium.Shri.Vaisakhan Thampi and Shri.Kiran Mohan made a presentation comparing the available clear night sky with Stellarium.