MARS: Mars is lost in the solar glare!

URANUS: Very low in West. The planet will be on conjunction on 21st March.

JUPITER: Getting low in the Western sky and will be paired with Mercury from March 12 to March 20.

SATURN: Rises around 9:30 pm at the month’s beginning and well placed in the sky at the time of midnight. The planet will show 19 arc seconds wide disc during March.


VENUS: The brightest planet will be just 1 degree from the Moon on the morning of 1st March.It will be nicely paired with the Crescent Moon on the morning of 1stMarch and will be just 10’ apart from Neptune on the morning of 27th March.

NEPTUNE: Will emerge from the eastern morning sky by March 8. It will be very close to brilliant Venus on 27th March.

MERCURY: Will climb up in the Western evening sky around 8-9 March. The inner-most planet will be just 21’ from Uranus on the evening of 9th March but very low near the Western horizon. The planet will be paired with Jupiter during mid-March and will be at Greatest Elongation on 23rd March.

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