March 5: New Moon
March 5/6: A day for the Messier Marathon. Locate all the Messier Objects in one night!
March 7: A very thin Waxing Crescent Moon (6% illuminated) is 8.5 degrees NE of Jupiter, very low in the West Just after Sunset
March 11: A six days old Waxing Crescent Moon is just 4.5 degrees SE of Pleiades at the time of evening
March 13: First Quarter Moon
March 15: See Mercury and Jupiter just 2 degrees apart! The pair is very low in the West around 7:30pm


March 17: The Moon within 6 degrees of Regulus
March 19: Full Moon
March 20: See The Moon paired with Saturn in the East around 8:30pm. They are nearly 7.5 degrees apart.
March 21: Uranus Conjunction
March 21: See The Moon 5.5 degrees E-SE of Spica in the East before mid-night
March 23: Mercury Greatest Eastern Elongation
March 25: The Moon within 6.5 degrees of Antares before dawn
March 26: Last Quarter Moon
March 27: Use telescopes to reveal tiny Neptune (mag 8) just 10’ from brilliant Venus in the Eastern sky before dawn!
March 31: A Waning Crescent Moon (11% illuminated) is just 5.5 degrees from Venus at the time of dawn

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