Dec 1: The Moon is about 10.5 degrees W-SW of Saturn in the East before dawn

Dec 1: Mercury Greatest Elongation

Dec 2: The Moon is just 3.5 degrees West of Spica in the East before dawn

Dec 3: The Moon is 8 degrees SE of Venus in the East before dawn

Dec 5: New Moon

Dec 7: A very thin Waxing Crescent Moon is just 2 degrees NE of Mercury very low in the West-Southwest just after sunset

Dec 13: First Quarter Moon

Dec 13: The Moon is 7 degrees NW of Jupiter

Dec 13-14: A peak time for the Geminids. Geminid meteor maximums commonly reach 50 or more meteors per hour.

Dec 17: Jupiter Eastern Quadrature

Dec 18: A Waxing Gibbous Moon is within 6.5 degrees from M45

Dec 19: Uranus Eastern Quadrature

Dec 20: Mercury Inferior Conjunction

Dec 21: Full Moon

Dec 26: The Moon is 6.5 degrees SE of Regulus

Dec 27: Pluto Conjunction

Dec 28: Last Quarter Moon

Dec 29: The Moon forms a triangle with Spica and Saturn in the East before dawn. Saturn is nearly 8 degrees and Spica is nearly 7 degrees away from the Moon.

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