Astronomy Quiz for students in connection with Chandrasekhar Centenary Programs

On the centenary birthday of Indian legend in the field of astrophysics,Dr.S. Chandrasekhar, AASTRO conducts an astronomy quiz competition for High School-Higher Secondary students. The competition will start at 1.30 pm at the seminar hall of Kerala State Science and Technology Museum, PMG.  From an institution, ten students can participate in the competition (5 from HS and 5 from HSS).

Dr.C.P. Aravindakshan will moderate the competition, which will commence at 1.30 p.m. Not more than 10 students can participate from a school. Each participant will have to pay Rs.25 as registration fee at the venue. The quiz is to commemorate the birth centenary of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, eminent Indian-born physicist and Nobel Laureate.Dr. Chandrasekhar is particularly remembered for his contributions to the study of evolution of stars in astrophysics.The quiz is  designed to give the students some new knowledge , rather than just testing their knowledge. The programme will be followed by an astronomy lecture by Prof. K. Pappootty,Director,State Institute of Encyclopedia Publications.  Students other than the participants, teachers and interested public from any field are also invited to this event.. They will get opportunity to interact with eminent people in the field.

For details, please contact Mr. Vaisakhan Thampi (9846608238) or Mr. Pradeep Attukal (9447525367)

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