Talk on Astrophotography

As a part of its monthly public lecture series,AASTRO is going to conduct a presentation on 'Basic Techniques on Astrophotography' on August 4th , Wednesday at Kerala State Science and technology Museum, Thiruvananthapuram. The talk will be delivered by Shri.Ramachandran who is a member of Royal Astronomical Society and  an expert in this field. This is the 9th consecutive public talk AASTRO is arranging which participates academia, astronomy and science enthusiasts, students and public together. The talk will start by 5.30 in the evening and will be followed by a discussion and interactive session on the topic. Further details can be obtained from programme cordinator Shri.Vaishakhan Thampi Ph : +91-9846608238

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  1. Please try to include the moral of the class, photos.
    It will be useful to many of them who cannot participate in the class