APRIL 1: Venus and Mercury are 3 degrees apart, very low near horizon in West at 7:50pm.
APRIL 4: A Waning Gibbous Moon stands around 5 degrees E-SE of Antares.
APRIL 6: Last Quarter Moon.
APRIL 9: Mercury Greatest Eastern elongation.
APRIL 12: A very thin Crescent Moon will be nearly 6.5 degrees N of Jupiter just before dawn. The pair will be low in east at 5:30am.
APRIL14: New Moon.
APRIL 16: A Waxing Crescent Moon (just 4% illuminated) will be about 4 degrees NE of bright Venus.
APRIL 17: A Waxing Crescent Moon (now 10% illuminated) will be 4 degrees SE of M45-The Pleiades.
APRIL 17: Mars will pass very close to M44-The Beehive Cluster.
APRIL 21: The Moon is 6.5 degrees S-SE from Mars.
APRIL 23: The Moon is 4.5 degrees from Regulus.
APRIL 25: Venus will be within 4 degrees from M45-The Pleiades.
APRIL 25: The Moon is around 7.5 degrees from Saturn at 9pm.
APRIL 27: The Moon is around 3 degrees 49’ from Spica.
APRIL 28: Full Moon.
APRIL 28: Mercury Inferior Conjunction.
MERCURY: Mercury will be low in west and will be paired with Venus at the month’s beginning. Mercury is on greatest elongation on 9th. The planet will be on inferior conjunction with Sun on April 28th.
VENUS: Venus will remain in west in the evening sky. Venus will be paired with the Crescent Moon on April 16th. The planet will pass very close to the open cluster M45 during April 24 and 25.
MARS: Mars is high in the sky at the time of evening during month’s beginning. It shines at magnitude 0.17 and will get slightly dim, at magnitude 0.68 by the month’s end. Mars will pass very close to the open cluster M44 during April 17th.
SATURN: Saturn rises at the time of sunset by month’s beginning. The ringed world shows the disc of diameter 20 arc seconds in telescopes.
NEPTUNE: Very low in east just before the beginning of morning twilight. The planet is in Aquarius.
JUPITER: The giant planet will emerge from east at the time of dawn by the month’s beginning. Jupiter will be very close (only 5’) from the 4.2nd magnitude star Phi Aquarii on the morning of 1st April.
URANUS: The planet is even lower than Jupiter in the morning sky. It will be hard to observe this planet during this month.

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