Event COSMOS @ IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur organises Techkriti,2010 which includes an event COSMOS
which is completely devoted towards Astronomy.COSMOS includes competitions like Star-Hunt,Astro-Quiz in which prizes worth *Rs.15,000* are at stake and workshops like *Telescope Making Workshop*.

*Star-Hunt* *
Each team is required to bring their own telescopes and find the given
objects in the provided STAR LIST( the star list includes planets, prominent
stars, clusters, nebulae and even messier objects).
1st Prize: Rs 5000
2nd Prize : Rs. 4000
3rd Prize : Rs. 3000
Test your knowledge on Astronomy with an on-the spot quiz event and win
Prizes and goodies.

*Telescope Making Workshop*
Telescope Specifications:

Type : Refractor telescope. 45mm objective lens. 750mm Focal Length with
slide-in focus, star diagonal for right-angled viewing and bi-element astro

*The telescope will be powerful enough to show the lunar craters, solar
system objects(Saturn, Jupiter and their moons etc) besides being useful for
Nature study, Bird watching and tourism.

Duration: 4 hours
Date: 13th February 2010
*Registration Fees: Rs 1200 per team.*
Maximum members in a team: 3

For registration, send a mail to cosmos@techkriti. org  the subject "*name
of the workshop or competition interested in"*
*for example: "Star-Hunt" ; "Telescope Making Workshop" in the following
NOTE: for Star Hunt competition, the team is required to bring their OWN

College name and location:
Phone number;
Telescope specification* (in case you are participating in Star Hunt, you
need to provide the specification of the telescope which you plan to bring)
Any prior experience in astronomy events:

For any queries feel free to contact  :
Coordinator, COSMOS
IIT Kanpur.
Cell: 09956817273


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